Welcome to the Riot Testdrive

Go ahead and start editing

This is your personal test page so feel free to play around. Please note that the available components are just examples. When you build your own website with Riot you can define your own set and use whatever markup you like.

As you'll see some texts contain additional formatting like strong or emphasized words. These texts are edited using a richtext editor while others can be directly edited in-place. The visual style within the richtext popup is exactly the same as within the actual page. This is achieved by a dynamic style sheet which is created at runtime using DOM introspection. You'll also see a print-margin where the text is wrapped. This way the text flow will be the same as within the target document.

Fixed-type lists
In this column only one type of components is allowed – a box like the one you are currently looking at. This is why you won't be prompted for the component type when you use the Add-Tool here.
Modifying the visual appearance
Though all components here are of the same type, you can change their appearance using the Properties-Tool.
Position-based styling
Also note that all boxes are separated by a thin line. Use the Move-Tool to drag the boxes around and watch what happens to the lines.